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In May 1843, Alexander Fleming with his wife Jean Stewart and their eight children left their home in the parish of Logierait in the eastern Highlands of Scotland to settle in the south-western part of Upper Canada, first in Vaughan Township, York County, near Woodbridge, and, in 1850, in Derby Township, Grey County. This family history is dedicated to them. Their determination, bravery, perseverance and above all, their deep religious faith and exemplary moral character are a fine example to all their descendants.

They were ordinary people who suffered frustrations, disappointments and terrible hardship but who, against all odds, overcame their adversities to see their children and grandchildren growing up on their own land, acquiring a good education and becoming prosperous and self-sufficient. Theirs was a just and well-deserved reward after so many years of endless toil, self-sacrifice, steadfastness and splendid tenacity.

I am Ruth Larmour. Alexander Fleming was my great-great grandfather through his youngest son Charles and Charles’ son Roy F. Fleming. I inherited from my grandfather Roy a large body of family letters, photos, recollections and journals, and have been assisted by several Fleming family members in adding to this collection. Over many years I have also conducted extensive genealogical research into the family and am especially indebted to Lois McNaught for her detailed research of the Fleming family tree. Now, assisted by Gwen Harris (who is not a Fleming) I hope to assemble a family history of the Flemings of Derby Township.

Our purpose in writing this family history is to bring the pieces together to tell the vibrant and courageous story of Alexander, Jean, and their children. We will be drawing on family papers and historical research to trace their lives from Scotland in the early 1800s through the perils of emigration to settlement in Derby Township in the mid-1800s and the choices and successes of their descendants in Canada and the United States.

This website is our way of connecting with Alexander and Jean’s descendants. We invite your stories and knowledge of the family as we develop the chapters. We’ll be posting drafts, questions, lists of recommended resources, and other materials as needed.

Please browse the resources on the pages, and follow the blog for announcements. Add comments or send email to contribute.

2 thoughts on “About This Site

  1. I’m the granddaughter of George Herbert Wyllie whose mother was Mary Fleming, and father George Wyllie Of Owen sound , gray co, Canada. We may be related
    George Herbert Wyllie was born in 1896 and I think it’s incorrectly posted as 1898. His brothers were Victor, Stuart, James, and a sister whose name I can’t remember at the moment. I lived on a very large Estate in a huge stone home that burned down sometime in the 1970s


    • hi Roberta – I’m so sorry to be replying so late. I’m Gwen Harris and run this blog for the Fleming Family History for Ruth Larmour. Yes – you and Ruth are related. Your GG grandfather was James Fleming, who built a large stone house at Kilsyth on an estate – it might be the one you remember tho the fire was in 1953. James had a younger brother Charles who was Ruth’s G grandfather. I will let Ruth know and get you two connected. I also know another two women who are related to the Wyllies (not the Flemings). BTW Ontario birth registration was 1898 and he used that year in other registrations. Anyway – let’s get connected and talk more.


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