About Us

Ruth (Fleming) Larmour

Ruth Fleming (on right) and Janet McNally (on left): Springfield house in background. July 2014

Ruth has had a lifelong interest in the family history of the Flemings and Stewarts. Alexander Fleming and Jean Stewart are her great-great-grandparents. Her grandfather Roy F. Fleming worked with C.A. Fleming and William Fleming in the early 1900s to record the story of emigration and settlement. Ruth has inherited Roy’s papers and sketches and added to them. She leads tours of the family sites in Grey County every summer, and fosters interest in the family history at Fleming reunions.

Gwen Harris

Gwen is a friend with strong interest in history and a professional  background in  writing, research, and online learning, who has taken on bringing together the many stories, remembrances, and connections into a written account of the family history using the Fleming Family papers and historical research.

Janet McNally

Janet is the great-great-grand-daughter of James Fleming (son of Alexander) and Grace Robertson.  She and Ruth summer on the Fishing Islands where several Fleming descendants took up cottage lands.  Janet is the photographer for most of the photographs on this site and in the book.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Ruth!!!
    My name is Andie and I’m a Fleming descendent!
    My grandmother is Colleen Henry. Her great grandmother was Isabella Fleming, Jean and Alexander’s daughter. This website is amazing thank you so much for this research!


    • HI Andie – I’m Gwen Harris – I run the blog with Ruth and will send her this message. We are in the process of writing the history of the Flemings of Derby Township taking the research to abut the 1940s – depends on what an be learned. Carole Danard, sister to Colleen and whom you likely know, has helped with some of the details about Isabella and Abraham Finch. We’d love to be in touch with you too. I’ll give Ruth your email address.


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