Canada West and Ontario

Upper Canada / Canada West


Howison, John. Sketches of Upper Canada, Domestic, Local and Characteristic: To which are added practical details for the information of emigrants of every class; and some recollections of the United States of America. Second Edition. Edinburgh: Oliver and Boyd (1822). Available from Google Books.

Smith, William Henry. Canadian Gazetteer: Comprising statistical and general information respecting all parts of the Upper Province or Canada West. H.W. Roswell 1846. Available from the Internet Archive

Canada: Past, present, and future. Volume 1. Toronto: Maclear. (1851). Available from the Internet Archive

Canada: Past, present, future: Being a historical, geographical, geological and statistical account of Canada West. Vol II Toronto: Thomas Maclear (1851). Available from the Internet Archive

Smith, William Wye. Gazetteer and Directory of the County of Grey for 1865-66. Toronto 1865. Available from the Internet Archive. Original is held in the University of Toronto and was from the estate of  J. Stuart Fleming.


Brown’s Toronto City and Home District Directory 1846-47

Smith, William Wye. Gazetteer and Directory of the County of Grey for 1865-6. Toronto Globe Steam Press (1865) Available from  Internet Archive

Ontario’s Vernon Directories, being digitized by Ontario Ancestors. Currently (August 2019) 191 directories have been captured over various years – some in early 1900s – and several Ontario cities – but none for Owen Sound.

Local Histories

Mulvany, Charles Pelham. History of Toronto and the County of York.  Toronto, Ontario: C Blackett Robinson. (1885)

Reaman, George Elmore. A History of Vaughan Township. Vaughan Township Historical Society. (1971) Available from University of Calgary, Libraries and Cultural Resources Collections

Grey & Bruce Counties

Beckett, Wilmer G.. Wilkinson, A.W.. History of Derby Township 1839 to 1972. Owen Sound: Richardson, Bond and Wright Ltd. (1972). Available at University of Calgary

Marsh, Edith Louise. A History of the County of Grey.  Owen Sound: Fleming Publishing Co. (1931). Available from University of Calgary

Robertson, Norman. The History of the County of Bruce and of the minor municipalities therein, province of Ontario, Canada. Toronto, Ontario:  W Briggs (1906).  Available at Internet Archive

Stephens, A.M. The Early Days of Owen Sound. Owen Sound Sun (1892) – microform

Warrilow, Betty; Siegrist, Betty; Shouldice, W. Bev (editors). Beautiful Stoney Keppel including the Village of Shallow Lake, 1855-1986.  Owen Sound. Available from University of Calgary

Parry Sound District

Hamilton, W.E. Guide book and atlas of Muskoka and Parry Sound districts. Toronto. H.R. Page (1879) – microform digitized –

Kirton, Everott. History of the East Parry Sound District (c 1965)  Document available through University of Algoma.

Magnetawan Women’s Institute. Looking Back with the Magnetawan Women’s Institute: A selection of stories from their Tweedsmuir History. (c. 1995) – image copy =


In Search of Your Canadian Past: The Canadian Atlas Digital Project at McGill University. County atlases from 1874 and 1881 with searchable database of names of property owners.

Historical Maps of Toronto, compiled by Nathan Ng Especially note the entry for  1858 WS Boulton: Atlas of the City of Toronto and Vicinity. Compiled by Nathan Ng.

[updated 3 August 2019]

2 thoughts on “Canada West and Ontario

  1. Hello… Something you may be interested in:

    There are two books of letters related to the the Grahame family from whom your ancestor leased land in Vaughan. I can provide more information.

    Also, John Galt, Scottish novelist and Superintendent of the Canada Company, and founder of Guelph and Goderich, intended to build a village on land now occupied by the Kortright Conservation Area. Unfortunately, Galt was dismissed and the village was never built.

    After Galt’s dismissal in 1829, the Canada Company sold land to William Richard Graham.

    For some background on John Galt, search his name on … not a typo


    • Thanks for your comments, John. We know of the letters but haven’t read them. Interesting story about John Galt’s village – just as well it wasn’t established since much of that area is floodplain and protected in case another Hurricane Hazel rolls through.


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