Family Trees and Biographies

Alexander and Jean (Stewart) Fleming

Alexander Fleming and Jean (Stewart) Fleming c 1867

Alexander Fleming and his wife Jean (Stewart) came to Derby Township, Grey County, as pioneer settlers in 1850. They and their nine children cleared the land, built shelter for themselves and the lifestock, and joined others in developing the township with roads, schools, and churches. Two daughters, Isabella and Janet, married and  settled nearby. Alexander helped his six sons – John, James, Alexander, Donald, William, and Charles – obtain 100 acres each for their farms and  families. Jennie, the youngest daughter, was the single woman who was the mainstay for her parents and brother Charles’ family. Thus, with hard work and enterprising spirit, the Fleming families prospered.

Lois McNaught and Ruth Larmour have done detailed research into the descendants of Alexander and Jean. This section of pages holds images of family trees for each of the branches showing marriages and names of Alexander and Jean’s children but not all the dates See the links to names in the menu in the right panel.

A full PDF document with notes and more detail is available for download here. Most of the information summarized in the charts and the document has been obtained from Lois McNaught’s excellent Fleming Family History (2012).

If you have an interest in the Fleming family history, please view the charts and review the document. If you are a descendant of a branch or have further recollections or stories please use the comment feature in this blog-styled website to share these. Click on the links on the right for access to:

  1. Isabella “Bell” (Fleming) Finch (1825 – 1917)
  2. Janet “Jessie” (Fleming) Agnew (1828 – 1918)
  3. James Fleming (1830 – 1910)
  4. John Fleming (1830 – 1909)
  5. Alexander Andrew “Sandy” Fleming (1832 – 1909)
  6. Donald Fleming (1834 – 1896)
  7. William Fleming (1837 – 1927)
  8. Charles Fleming (1840 – 1910)
  9. Jean “Jennie” Fleming (no chart) (1843 – 1942)