Welcome to this website about the Flemings of Derby Township in Grey County. This site is part of an ongoing project to tell the story of Alexander and Jean (Stewart) Fleming in emigrating with their children from Scotland to settle in Derby Township as pioneers. An earlier version of the family history was compiled and written by William Fleming, Christopher Alexander (C.A.) Fleming and Roy Franklin Fleming from 1909 to 1940. Ruth (Fleming) Larmour has collected more information since, and enlisted Gwen Harris to help organize and provide context. We will be adding to this site drafts of the chapters, resources being used, photos, announcements. We invite descendants of Alexander and Jean Fleming and anyone interested in the early Fleming history to contribute stories or further details. Follow this blog to receive notices about updates.

Gwen Harris, Ruth Larmour

5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hello Ruth
    It has been years now since we corresponded regarding our Fleming ancestors.
    I just recently happened upon this sight and I am so absolutely THRILLED that you and Gwen have laid out the case that their was NO Fleming ‘Laird’ at least none before 1700 at Cragganfearn !!!!!!
    So well researched and factual.


  2. Hi Ruth!!

    I have been working on the Fleming tree for years, although not as in depth as you. I am a great granddaughter of C.A. Fleming, granddaughter of Howard, daughter of Donald.
    At the present time I am attempting to dig deeper into the Stewart and McIntosh lines of the family.
    Very informative site…keep up the great work!!!

    Patty Fleming-McDougall


    • Hi Patty – Thanks for your message. I’m answering for Ruth because I manage this blog – and as you can see – don’t check in very frequently. Sorry I missed your comment. I am emailing you separately from my email program. Maybe we can start an exchange. Gwen


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