Walking Kirrandrum

In June 2018 I had the great pleasure of visiting the Highlands of Scotland to walk the land of the Fleming home of Kirrandrum, the farm outside Ballinluig in Logeirait Parish.  I was guided by Eddie Thomson of Heartland Tours. We found the remains of Alexander’s house, which he built himself, and some of the other buildings, as well as the dry-stone wall Alexander built and which still stands intact. Most of all,  we saw surrounding hills and the Tay valley almost as they were when Roy Fleming and family members visited in 1903, and even as the Fleming family saw them when they left for Canada in May 1843.

A complete account of the visit with photos and video and reference to Roy Fleming’s description of his visit is provided in Walking Kirrandrum June 2018

The map below from Canmore shows the location of Kirrandrum relative to Ballinlluig and to the adjacent Dalnabo.

Ballinluig area showing Kirrandrum and Dalnabo. Source: Canmore - Ordnance Survey 1843-1882.
Ballinluig area showing Kirrandrum and Dalnabo. Source: Canmore – Ordnance Survey 1843-1882.

2 thoughts on “Walking Kirrandrum

  1. I was very interested in “Walking Kirrandrum June 2018” as I believe my GGG-grandmother, Jean McIntosh was born there in 1779 to Donald McIntosh and Margaret Reid. If you haven’t come across it, you would be interested in a book by Jane M. Banner, “The Braes O’ Tullymet”, an eBook available through Amazon Kindle. She gives a number of alternative names – Kirringdrum, Kirrinedrum and The Kirrin – which I believe are the same place. The OPR gives my Jean’s birth place as Kerndrum, which I suspect is another variant, possibly a misinterpretation by the minister. Jean’s father was a smith, which would tie in with your finding of a forge. Have you come across any mention of the McIntosh family at Kirrandrum?
    Regards, John


    • Yes – thanks John – I’ll reply directly to you also. Jane Banner’s book is excellent – am glad you found it. There are many spellings for Kirrandrum – as you noted. James Stewart took over as the tenant farmer from Donald McIntosh. James’s wife was Janet McIntosh and I think Donald was her brother. Their father was Andrew McIntosh who preceded Donald as the farmer. The Official Parish Records at ScotlandsPeople.gov.uk have amazing coverage for birth and sometimes marriage, it seemed to me, but, regrettably, not deaths. Also – if you are interested in some virtual touring for Tulliemet area, YouTube has videos.


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