Progress Report

Proposed cover for book - The Flemings of Derby Township: A Family History
Proposed cover for book – The Flemings of Derby Township: A Family History

You may be wondering if the long silence at this blog means we have abandoned the Fleming Family History project. Quite the opposite.  We have been feverishly busy writing these past three months, editing, and designing, and can say with confidence that we are getting closer to print. The “we” means a team of six: family historian and sponsor (Ruth (Fleming) Larmour), writer (Gwen Harris), two editors, book designer, and printer. As well, some Fleming descendants have been assisting in reviewing sections. The book designer has determined the layout and design, and we have overcome major issues with the quality of images and handling of endnotes. Twenty-one of the twenty-three chapters have now been written, reviewed and edited – about 10% of Flemings of Derby Township: A Family History remains to be written.  We don’t have a definite launch date yet but are hoping for late summer, early fall. The book will be available through this website. The project plan also includes revamping this site because we will have more content to add, more to share, more to learn from readers and commenters, and more time to do it.

For now – here is our working version of the table of contents.  The family chapters narrate the lives of Alexander and Jean Fleming’s children, and present, as best we can, the biographies of their children and some notes about the next generation. The time period for what we know about the Fleming descendants ends in mid-1900s.

Please contact us if you would like to assist or review.

Part One: Scotland

  • Chapter 1 The Homeland
  • Chapter 2 The Flemings and The Stewarts
  • Chapter 3 Scotland Farewell

Part Two: Canada West

  • Chapter 4 Seven Years in Vaughan Township
  • Chapter 5 The Move to Derby Township
  • Chapter 6 Getting Settled in Derby Township

Part Three: Families

  • Chapter 7 About Families
  • Chapter 8 Isabella (Fleming) Finch
  • Chapter 9 Jessie (Fleming) Agnew
  • Chapter 10 Jessie (Fleming) Agnew
  • Chapter 11 James Fleming
  • Chapter 12 John Fleming
  • Chapter 13 Alexander Fleming (II)
  • Chapter 14 Donald Fleming
  • Chapter 15 William Fleming
  • Chapter 16 Charles Fleming
  • Chapter 17 Jennie Fleming
  • Chapter 18 Family reunion 1927

Part Four: Farming and Faith in the Lives of the Flemings

  • Chapter 19 Farming in Derby Township 1851-1891
  • Chapter 20 How Kilsyth Almost Got a Train Station
  • Chapter 21 Disciples of Kilsyth and Owen Sound

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